YouTube coming to LG phones

LG Electronics, the 5th largest manufacturer of mobile handsets by volume, is developing a mobile phone that allows users to view and share YouTube video clips. Most importantly, users will be able to shoot video from the handset and upload it to YouTube. The handset will be launched in Europe in the second half of this year.

LG is also stepping up its partnership with Google. LG also has launched 3G handsets called “Google phones” with one-click access to Google search, Google maps, and Gmail, in Europe last month. The first Google phone, LG-KS10, was launched in Italy in April. LG also has a similar agreement to put Yahoo Go for Mobile 2.0, Yahoo Mail, and Yahoo Messenger on some handsets.

Given that the Apple iPhone already YouTube and given Youtube’s premier status as a online video site, it’s no surprise that handset vendors are clamoring to add YouTube to handsets, although the ultimate decision as to which software gets included in a handset lies with the wireless service provider.

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