Worldwide DSL Broadband speeds keep increasing

In the 3rd Quarter (Q3) of 2007, average residential downstream DSL speeds increased across the world, except in two regions, according to research by Point-Topic. Asia Pacific, Latin America, South East Asia, Western Europe and Eastern Europe all saw increased downstream DSL speeds. In North America & Canada and the Middle East & Africa, however, the speeds didn’t change.

TheĀ  figure below shows the downstream speed of DSL in bps, across different regions of the world.


South & East Asia lead the pack, where downstream DLS speed increased by over 130%, primarily due to two operators – China Tietong and China Telecom. China Tietong has launched Broadband services (A1 – A7 Unlimited) with downstream speeds ranging from 512 Kbps to 4 Mbps, and introduced the J1 Shared 100M VDSL service with a 100 Mbps downstream speed. China Telecom expanded its existing Home ASDL Unlimited range of services with downstream speeds ranging from 512 Kbps to 2 Mbps.