Will HTC Touch be the iPhone Killer?

HTC recently announced the HTC Touch, a smartphone running Microsoft Windows Mobile 6 Professional (the version for touch-screen devices). The timing seems clearly aimed at garnering some of the wide publicity that the iPhone is receiving.

HTC Touch

So, what are the similarities to iPhone?

The focus on a touch screen as a defining feature in the HTC Touch is similar to the emphasis Apple has put in the iPhone. Apple highlighted touch screen as a key feature of the iPhone, including scrolling through songs and movies on the wide display.

The 2.8-inch screen (larger than iPhone) utilizes TouchFLO technology, where users need only sweep their fingers across the screen to activate an animated, three-screen, three-dimensional interface. With the one-touch features, users can instantly access to e-mails, contacts, and appointments. The screen also works with a slide-out stylus for text input and navigation. The customized home screen is also more finger-friendly, with software buttons that bring up the application launcher, a weather report, or the traditional home screen. Finger swipes can also be used to lock and unlock the device (for security and to prevent accidental launching of apps).

There are several important differences as well.

Unlike the iPhone, the Touch has a single navigational pad and button below the display.

There also no iPod-like software keyboard, other than the standard Windows Mobile soft keyboard.

The Touch comes with a 1GB Micro-SD card, presumably for music and movie storage, but this is no match for iPhones’s 4GB or 8GB. Nonetheless this is useful for storing music or for making good use of the built-in 2-megapixel CMOS camera.

The HTC Touch includes multiple wireless technologies, including triband GSM for voice and EDGE, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth for data.

As Dan Nystedt points out, the iPhone focuses on entertainment, so its primarily geared towards consumers who value music, videos, and ease-of-use (of course, great show-off value as well).

The HTC Touch focuses on e-mail, network connectivity, applications, and other more business-like uses. I would say the HTC Touch is geared towards business customers, but also looking to have the latest and greatest in ease-of-use and hipness. Nonetheless, I highly doubt that HTC Touch will be an iPhone killer.

Then again, wudda know!!!

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  1. Never in my lifetime is this thing better than the iphone

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