Which Countries have the Highest Broadband Adoption?

If you ever wondered which countries are leading the broadband revolution, at least in terms of broadband adoption, you have it here. Broadband adoption itself is not as important as what broadband adopters do with it, but it provides an idea of which countries will be the leading users of using Internet services and perhaps the leading countries for starting Internet-based ventures.


With more than 63 million subscribers on board, the U.S. has the most broadband subscribers of any country, but China tops the DSL subscriber list, with over 44 million of its 59 million broadband users connected via DSL. China is also quickly catching up in total Broadband subscribers and will likely overtake the U.S in the next 1-2 years. This should be no surprise, given that China has more than 3 times the population of the U.S. Overall, Broadband adoption across the world grew at about 5% from Q1 2007 to Q2 2007 (quarterly growth) and about 30% for the year ending Q2 2007.

The results, prepared by industry analyst firm Point Topic, also indicate that DSL continues to dominate broadband access, with almost 66% of subscribers – more than 200 million out of the world’s 313 million – using DSL. North America maintained its reign over the global broadband market with 16% of the world’s subscribers. In Western Europe, 72 million of the 86 million broadband subscribers use DSL. The Eastern European DSL market remains small, but grew at 63% in the first half of 2007.