When its awkward to talk to someone……just leave a voicemail

slydial_logo.gifA Boston-based company called MobileSphere has just announced a service called Slydial to send a voicemail to any mobile phone in the U.S. without having the risk of the called party answering the call. Anyone can send a voicemail by calling 267-SLYDIAL (267-759-3425) and entering the phone number of any U.S. mobile subscriber. The service is free, but you have to listen to a 10-second audio advertisement.

What MobileSphere has done is to figure out a way to connect you directly with different U.S. cell phone providers voicemail systems.

So why would anyone want to use this? MobileSphere is marketing Slydial as a way to avoid unpleasant conversations, annoying people, or any situation where you might have to take responsibility for something.

Here are some reasons to use Slydial:
* Calling someone you know is busy or at a meeting and doesn’t want to be disturbed
* Calling an annoying person who likes to talk too much
* Calling someone to dump them or to quit a job (rather than end up having an unpleasant conversation)
* Sending a quick message to a friend
* Leaving a quick message for your spouse when you are too busy or dont really want to talk (think about it….do you really want to call ‘honey’ at home just to get chores assigned to you.. as in “hey honey, can you pick up a milk on the way home”)

However, this capability already exists – many, if not all, wireless carriers provide a voicemail access number where one can leave a message in another subscriber’s voicemail box. For example, with Sprint, you can dial the NPA-NXX-6245 (area-code and exchange followed by 6245), and send a message to a Sprint mobile number without having to enter a password. Other providers have a similar voicemail access numbers. I tried this from one of my Verizon Wireless phones to another Verizon Wireless mobile number and it works perfectly.

Basically, Slydial have figured out a way to enable a hardly-known feature, thrown advertising with it to make money, and are marketing it  …SLY….really SLY!!!