What is Ribbit up to?

ribbit_logo.jpgRibbit is yet-another startup in stealth mode. According to its web site,

Ribbit offers a new way to communicate without the hassle of additional software or hardware, and without having to purchase a new device.

Putting voice and choice back into communications…is what Ribbit does.

So we now know its some kind of telecom or Voice service provider. Hmmm….no software or hardware…I hope its not vaporware :-).

Looking at the Management team bios, it is clear that these folks have hardcore telecom backgrounds (i.e. client-server centric rather than peer-to-peer)

  • “carrier-class softswitch”
  • “TDM and voice packet infrastructure”
  • “carrier-grade products with reliability and scalability”
  • “voice-activated dialing, single number service, personal telephony assistant”
  • “distributed call control element and an ECTF S.100-based application platform”
  • “converged VoIP and fixed wireless services”

No one would assemble such an experienced team without intending to leverage that experience, so I’d venture that this is a softswitch-based VoIP application. Nothing out of the ordinary here – everyone and their mother has been doing softswitch in the last 5 years.

Looking further, Ribbit is developing a flash platform. See Director of User Experience, Flash Platform and this for evidence. This also ties in with some of the management team’s titles – “VP Applications” and “GM Software as a Service Ecosystem”.

Ribbit appears to be a softswitch-based VoIP telephony service that is accessible from a browser via a Flash application. Flash works on both PC environments and on mobile devices, so it would be a good choice for a service that runs on both PCs and mobile devices and offers a great user experience.

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  1. hopefully if this is done correctly, they’ll build their application with the xmpp specs in mind.

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