Verizon Wireless Enables YouTube Video Uploads

verizonwirelss_logo.gifVerizon Wireless is now the first U.S. Wireless Service Provider (WSP) to enable YouTube Video. Now you can record videos on your mobile phone and upload the videos directly to YouTube using the shortcode YTUBE (98823) using MMS. This is a pretty easy to remember shortcode, but UTUBE would’ve been easier to remember (perhaps that was already assigned). In order to upload videos, subscribers need to first update their YouTube accounts with their wireless phone numbers at

For the most part, videos should be of good quality but wont be able to match the quality of a good video camera (of course!). How long a video you can record depends on the memory size of your mobile (which usually isn’t much) and the size of the memory card in your wireless device. Verizon Wireless currently has more than two dozen video messaging-capable phones.

Other than uploading videos, subscribers with V CAST-enabled phones can also access selected YouTube videos through the YouTube channel on V CAST. V CAST subscribers can also access Veoh videos through V CAST. V CAST costs $3.00 for 24-hour use or $15.00 monthly subscription (no airtime charges).

Just yesterday, I wrote about the rising number of mobile video subscriptions. Well, these events will only further increase mobile video subscriptions.

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  1. Well, I wish AT&T would take notes on verizons video feeds because I can’t upload squat from my phone. Not even through the computer.

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