Veoh Video comes to a Verizon Wireless phone near you

veoh_tv_logo.JPGVerizon Wireless has launched a Veoh channel on its V CAST service. Veoh is an upstart Internet Television provider with more than 85,000 video publishers – from Paramount Pictures, Lions Gate, PBS and Us Magazine to many independent content producers, and 15 million unique users per month.

With Veoh, Verizon Wireless V CAST subscribers have access to the “Best of Veoh” video collection that includes animation, comedy, entertainment, drama, and Web-series video. The video clips are specifically selected for a mobile audience. Verizon Wireless is generally very strict about content guidelines, so my guess is that there’s some form of content filtering going on as well.

To get V CAST, a subscriber must have compatible mobile phone. V CAST is $3.00 for 24-hour (great for checking out the service) or $15.00 for monthly subscription. V CAST comes with a unlimited usage subscription and uses the 3rd generation EV-DO network.

Interestingly, this paves the way for Verizon (owns 55% of Verizon Wireless) to bring Veoh to the VerizonSurround broadband entertainment portal on FiOS TV this fall. FiOS TV is a Fiber based TV network. Good for Verizon Wireless and great for Veoh.