The Tablet market will continue to boom – Android still behind Apple

According to Gartner, worldwide tablet sales will skyrocket to 326 million units. Apple or iOS will still lead the way, followed by an up and coming Android OS tablets. The following chart shows the leading OSs, namely, iOS, Android, Microsoft, and QNX

The following table shows the forecast for all major (and minor) OSs.

Table 1 Worldwide Tablet Sales to End Users by OS
OS 2010 2011 2012 2015
Android 2,512,000 11,020,000 22,875,000 116,444,000
iOS 14,685,000 46,697,000 69,025,000 148,674,000
Microsoft 0 0 4,348,000 34,435,000
QNX 0 3,016,000 6,274,000 26,123,000
MeeGo 179,000 476,000 490,000 197,000
WebOS 0 2,053,000 0 0
Other OS 235,000 375,000 467,000 431,000
Total Market 17,610,000 63,637,000 103,479,000 326,304,000

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