Digital Mailbox Services to see Huge Growth

A Digital Mailbox Service allows users to receive Postal Mail Online. In essence, rather than receive junk mail via snail mail, you can now receive all the junk mail and other mail electronically and access them via the web. Digital Mailbox services are beneficial to users in the following ways:
  1. Organize Accounts & Bills online in one single place – manage multiple accounts and bills online safely and securely with a single username and password. Store documents in a single place and even backup documents to a computer.
  2. Get Paperless Statements – statements that were received via postal mail can now be viewed and managed online.
  3. Pay all bills from one place – Once you get to see all your bills on a single portal, you can pay all bills from a single place as well. On top of that Alerts and reminders may also be provided.
Oh Yeah, the other part of the value proposition for end-users is that it its FREE.