iPhone 4S and Siri makes big dent in Android sales

Apple with iPhone (running iOS) is the highly vertically integrated establishment that brings just a few types of smartphones to market. Google’s Android is the establishment that works with multiple handset manufacturers to bring an unending list of smartphones to market. In the last year or so, Android phones have become very popular and sometimes even outselling iPhones 2 to 1. However, with the recent introduction of the iPhone 4S and the Siri voice control service, iPhone sales are now neck-to-neck with Android sales, indicating how powerful the iOS 5.0 operating system and the Siri voice command application have become.

According to NPD, iOS devices account for 43 out of every 100 device sales and increasing, while Android devices account for only 47 out of 100 device sales and decreasing.

And this is only data from October/November 2011, a mere few months since the iPhone 4S was launched. The jump in sales-shareof iOS for September, October and November 2011 is astonishing.

Smartphone Sales Share iOS Android 2011-12
Source: NPD

By December and Christmas time, I fully expect iPhone 4S to be outselling Android devices and will probably continue doing so over the next 6 months or till Android comes with a viable competitor to Siri.

The battle for smartphone dominance between Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android continues.