T-Mobile to launch MyFaves in Europe

T-Mobile, the mobile arm of Deutsche Telekom, has announced plans to launch the MyFaves service in Germany this October. Similar launches will happen in the U.K. and Czech Republic some time in the fourth quarter.

MyFaves was developed by T-Mobile’s U.S. subsidiary, where it has attracted more than 2.5 million users.  The U.S. MyFaves service allows customers to make unlimited domestic calls within the U.S. and send text messages to five selected numbers. These numbers can be a mix and match of any landline or mobile numbers. The MyFaves service requires a compatible phone. Numbers in MyFaves can be updated as often as once per calendar month. When two or more people in a family plan sign up, they can have their own Fave 5. Plans start at just $39.99per month.

MyFaves service in Germany will cost a base fee of Euro 15 (approximately US$20) per month and Euro 0.05 per call or SMS (Short Message Service). MyFaves users making or receiving calls outside of Germany must pay roaming fees.

Overall, MyFaves service make senses for a lot of people because more than two-thirds of mobile phone calls are made to the same five people/numbers.