Solicall reduces Background Noise in VoIP calls

solicall_logo.pngHave you ever been on a conference call where someone’s talking while on the go and its hard to hear the conversation because there’s a lot of background noise? If you have, and are annoyed by it, there’s a solution for it.

SoliCall, Israeli-based privately-held company, announced the release of its PBXMate – a technology that reduces background noise and improves voice clarity in VoIP networks that use SIP. PBXMate runs on Linux & Windows and can work with any VoIP Network that supports SIP. Of course, this is VoIP only, circuit switched phone users need not apply. The device filters calls entering a conference room to enhance the audio quality in conference calls, and reduces background noise coming from external cellular phones or from other external systems.

PBXMate appears to work alongside the conferencing server, rather than be client based. Given that PBXMate has to process the real-time speech to filter out the background noice, it should add some delay to the conversation. The big question is whether PBXMate can do this quickly enough without introducing noticeable delay into the voice path.

Another question I have is “How big is the problem”. I can only imagine that only a handful of conference calls will actually have voice technology delays. In my experience, background noise is a problem in only a small percentage of conference calls (VoIP and TDM-based), so I question how big a problem this is for those who conference call a lot. I haven’t tried this out, but you can download and evaluate the software from