Raketu Launches Mobile VoIP client

Raketu company logoLast month I talked about Raketu, the one-stop shop that combines social networking with integrated communications (VoIP, IM/SMS, feeds) and IPTV. While Raketu is unique in combining all three, which is where the future is, Raketu does not have a strong position in this space.

Nonetheless, Raketu has launched its Mobile version to bring free or real cheap national and international calls from a Smartphone with Symbian or Windows Mobile.

The VoIP client has to be downloaded onto the mobile device (bummer!). Frankly, I don’t think most users will care to or even feel comfortable downloading an application to a device. Furthermore, the user must have a Data Plan (bummer again!), which is still pretty expensive these days. See a related article on Skype complaining of high carrier data charges. Verizon has an unlimited data only plan for $49.99. I don’t think most uses would drop the voice plan and get a mobile with just a data plan (even though E911 will work just fine without a voice plan – something most people don’t know). The good thing is that one could use the service from anywhere in the world, as long as you don’t care about high data roaming charges! Unfortunately for Raketu, the mobile VoIP client is pretty crowded, including those like EQO and Talkster.

Mobile users can watch IPTV and VOD on they mobile phone, as long as they can access RakWeb via the Internet (No download required).

One thought on “Raketu Launches Mobile VoIP client”

  1. I’ve been using Skype and similar services in the past few years, but I’ve never encountered such a richly designed and integrated service that Raketu has offering in modern tech world. Its software works amazingly fine through Raketu’s unique crystal-clear voice quality, highly competitive to Skype’s voice, and I just checked that Raketu is still in promotion of UNLIMITED FREE CALLING TO 43 COUNTRIES worldwide! Another good reason users should sign up for it.

    “as long as they can access RakWeb via the Internet (No download required).” definitely makes Raketu stand out from the rest of VoIP providers crowd. Unlike other PC dependent software the ones like Skype, all you need is a Raketu account, a net brower and an active internet connection to access services like calling, ipTV, VOD, SMS, Email via RakWeb. There’s no OS restriction on your computers or other mobile devices.

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