Ooma to Raise Prices

Ooma just announced that it is taking pre-sales orders for the ooma Hub™ and ooma Scout™ in advance of the company’s consumer release slated for September 2007. Pre-sales orders will have for first priority fulfillment next month when the company opens up the online store.

Pre-sale Ooma systems come at the introductory pricing of $399 for a ooma Hub™ and $39 per Ooma Scout™ device. However, buried within this announcement (thanks Mike P!) is the news that Ooma is planning to increase prices!!!!!! Here it is:

In 2008, when the introductory pricing period expires, the ooma Hub™ device will carry a suggested retail price of $599.

I’ve had some concerns about Ooma, as outlined in Wanna get Ooma, Be Careful!. I’ve also outlined a preliminary comparison of Ooma and Skype, concluding that Skype is a better alternative for most people.

$600 for a device for free domestic long distance!!!! One has to have a really long investment span to see how this becomes a better value proposition than something like Skype. Frankly, I don’t see many users flocking to this anymore!

Ooma is just getting ready for lift-off and somehow I feel that it’s quickly forgetting about the consumer and thinking only about its profits (or perhaps the VCs are trying to cash out quickly). Or better yet, maybe Ashton is trying to Punk’d the general public this time!

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