More than 8 million customers around the world tune into IPTV

More than 8.2 million customers subscribe to IPTV as of first half of 2007. This is a 179 percent increase in the 12 months ending June 30 2007, according to according to research from Point Topic (registration required).


Europe leads the way with the highest total subscribers (4,984,000) and also leads with a whopping 231% customer growth – indicating that Europe is now pulling far ahead of the rest of the world in terms of IPTV subscriptions. All the major European incumbents now have IPTV service. Around half of the IPTV customers are in France, primarily due to France Telecom’s strong performance in response to the deployments of rivals Free and Neuf. Spain’s Telefonica added almost 200,000 IP TV customers, Belgacom signed up 120,000 in Belgium, Deutsche Telekom landed 35,000 and BT in the UK added 20,000 customers during the same period.

The Asia Pacific region also has 2.1 million customers (excludes Korea, where only video-on-demand services via IPTV is provided), with 800,000 IPTV subscribers at PCCW in Hong Kong and Chunghwa in Taiwan gaining 200,000 IPTV accounts in the same period. These numbers should start hit the roof when Chinese companies move from trials to commercial deployment.

The Americas lags both Europe and Asia-Pac with only 1.069 million subscribers signed up in the first half of the year. Here, IPTV is seen as a response to triple-play competition from cable MSOs.