HTTP Takes back the Web

After more than four years of taking a backseat to peer-to-peer (P2P) applications, HTTP (Web) traffic has finally become the bandwidth hog of the Internet, according to data released by Ellacoya Networks, a leading provider of Deep Packet Inspection networking equipment. This study was based on usage data from about a million North American broadband subscribers.

Currently, HTTP (Web) is about 46 percent of all traffic on the network, while P2P applications amount for 37 percent, non-HTTP video streaming comprises 3%, and gaming takes up 2 percent.

This surge in HTTP traffic is spearheaded by video traffic. Traditional web page downloads make up 45% of web traffic and streaming video makes up 36% of HTTP traffic. YouTube alone makes up 20% of HTTP traffic.

Interestingly, now YouTube comprises 10% of all Internet traffic.

Accordingly to Ellacoya:

“The way people use the Internet is changing rapidly – from browsing to real-time streaming. We expect to see new applications over the next year that will accelerate this trend.”

The report is available here in PDF format.