How Clearwire Got a Content Team Overnight

Amp’d Mobile did two things great (and nothing else worth mentioning): one was to offer cool handsets. The other was to offer a really exciting deck of content (for example, Lil’ Bush). Well, now that Amp’d Mobile is no more, Clearwire has apparently acquired Amp’d Mobile’s 50-plus member content team to lead a new content offering under the Clearwire brand.

Thus far Clearwire has focused on building its WiMax-based fixed wireless broadband and on making marketing agreements with DIRECT and EchoStar and with Sprint, as well as moving from Fixed Wireless Broadband to Mobile Wireless Broadband. All this stuff is focused on building the WiMax-based infrastructure. Clearwire doesn’t have a significant content offering, so it would likely give Clearwire a major boost in content offerings.

However, I don’t see why Clearwire would build a content offering. While at Amp’d, the content team was focused on bringing together content for mobile handsets. in other words, short-form content highly adapted to the small-screen. Clearwire’s primary business (currently) is in the PC-centric broadband data and the non-mobile VoIP environment. Clearwire will have a mobile service offering soon, but I believe this “soon” won’t happen for a while. On the other hand, creating compelling content for the PC-Centric environments is probably a big no-no when there’s plenty of competition from big-pocket, large-mass players like Yahoo! and AOL. Plus, without owning the PC-Centric environment, Clearwire will not have a stranglehold on what content a user can access over a PC.

Some people see a synergy, but there’s really none. Perhaps, Clearwire is thinking long term when it will have a mobile offering and Clearwire got the content team quite cheap (after all, those folks need jobs right?).