Gaboogie’s Dont-Call-Me-I’ll-Call-You Conferencing

Gaboogie is a conferencing service with a major twist. Instead of you dialing into a conference, the conference dials you! Talk about convenience. Now you dont even have to remember your conference calls, because with a mobile phone, the conference will find you at the right time.

Not only that, if someone on a conference gets dropped, she can back into the conference simply by dialing the number that called her. The conference owner can mute or disconnect any participant with one click, a feature I really want so I can shut up that always-talking, know-everything, annoying co-worker from speaking again, ever!

Gaboogie can also record a offers the ability to record and syndicate calls via RSS, so you can go back and listen to everything again!

Gaboogie is also a great way for phone blasts where one could play a recorded message to hundreds of listeners.


1. Send the meeting as a calendar invite.
2. When a conference notice gets forwarded to some one else, that someone else should be able to accept the conferece and include his/her preferred contact number.
3. Allow the conference organizer to set a reminder (email, SMS/TXT) to be set some time prior to the conference start.
4. I tried out the service, but the Text to Speech (TTS) was horrible. These days, along with open source, TTS engines come pretty cheap. Try Cepstral TTS for a good TTS engine with support for several languages.
5. Use recorded voice instead of Text to Speech. It sounds much nicer, except when you have to mix recorded voice with TTS.


Gaboogie is a solid business idea. The website is light and easy to use. Add in some of the suggested items above and it should be a great tool for the small to medium size business market. Maybe one day I’ll be using it too.

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