MojoBaby launches Mobile Content site

mymojobaby.jpgMobile content launch pad MojoBaby officially launched this week. or focuses on sharing content with friends and family; Users can post photos and text messages from their mobile phone, somewhat like the love child of twitter and flickr.

The nice thing about MojoBaby is a widget called Mojo Player that can be embedded into, say, your MySpace homepage or other blog.

Currently the cell phone component of the site only works with U.S. cellular providers Verizon, TMobile, Sprint and AT&T/Cingular. International carriers will be added soon. To upload mobile pictures and videos, the user must have a MMS service enabled with a cellular provider.

Looking at some of the pictures on the site, it’s hard to imagine they were taken from a mobile phone. Or am I way behind on mobile phone camera capabilities?

Are Tech Blogs losing Steam?

Heather Green had an insightful article indicating that Blogging Growth may be Peaking
and it inspired me to look at some Alexa traffic stats.

I decided to look at the traffic trends for some of the most popular tech blogs out there: Engadget, Boing Boing, Gizmodo, and Techcrunch

Guess What!

Lo and behold, statistics indicate that Tech Blogs are flat-lining or declining (while the number of blogs is still growing)

Engadget 6 month pageviews graph 2007-06-14.

Gizmodo 6 month pageviews graph 2007-06-14.

Techcrunch 6 month pageviews graph 2007-06-14

This could be due to three reasons:
1. More blogs are entering the blogosphere and diluting the reach of any individual blog (like!
2. Higher ranked non-blog sites such as! and are extending their lead (and leaving tech blogs behind)
3. Blog readers are getting bored with this techie stuff and decided that Alberto Gonzales, Lil Bush (couldn’t be coz it just came out), or Paris Hilton
are more fun.

I hope it’s not the end of the Tech blogosphere! After all, I just got started!

I only tried a few Tech blogs, so try your favorite Tech Blog at Alexa and let us know what you find out.

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