Bump my iPhone and I’ll call you

bumptechnologies_logo.gif Imagine meeting someone new or a friend a colleague after a long time and you decide to exchange phone numbers with that person. Exchanging a phone number the usual way would mean asking the other person for his/her contact information, typing in his/her name and phone number, storing it in the phone’s address book, calling the other person, and then having the person type in your name and storing your information.

Now there’s a better way. Bump Technologies has developed a new iPhone app, called “Bump,” that transfers data from one iPhone to another iPhone (or an iPod Touch) by bumping each other.

Here’s how it works – While one person holds an iPhone, that person “bumps” hands with another user holding her iPhone. But first, both users need to have the free Bump application on their iPhones/iPod (did I mention it is free!). To share contact information, each user has to fill out a Bump contact card. When a bump occurs, the Bump contact information is transferred to the other user’s address book, and vice versa. A user can share detailed contact information or just select data, such as a phone number. Both parties need to confirm the transaction before the information is transferred. The company says information is exchanged in less than 10 seconds.

The idea for ‘bump’ started waay back in 2005 when one of the co-founders was at a breakfast meeting with some new colleagues.  While exchanging phone numbers, he had realized that there must be a better way – a way to automate the exchange of phone number. However, at that time the technology wasn’t readily available. What made it possible is the accelerometer on the iPhone, which I believe is the first phone with an accelerometer.

The Bump application monitors the accelerometer in the phone and when the accelerometer detects a sudden, specific jerk (I suspect the algorithm can differentiate between a bump and dropping the phone on the floor), the application communicates with a server in the cloud. A smart matching algorithm in the cloud matches up any two phones in the world that bump each other.

Apparently, people are bumping all over the world (and I mean that in a iPhone-esque way!). So the next time you meet someone you want to exchange numbers with, don’t forget to download the free bump app to your iphone and start bumping!

This is a simple, intuitive application – very cool!