Blockbuster Goes Blu-ray

The battle for dominance in DVD formats made a big turn towards Blu-ray when Blockbuster, the leading US video rental chain, today chose the Blu-ray format over the HD DVD format.

Based on results from carrying DVDs with both the Blu-ray and the HD DVD formats at 250 retail stores, where demand for Blu-ray was “significantly outpacing” rentals of HD-DVDs, Blockbuster would now expand Blu-ray to another 1,450 stores. The original 250 stores will continue to carry both formats. A total of 1,700 stores will carry more than 170 titles in Blu-ray and only 250 stores will carry the HD DVD format.

According to this, Microsoft notes:

Asked about Blockbuster’s move, Microsoft said in a statement that, rentals aside, the HD DVD format leads Blu-ray in sales of standalone players and the number of high-definition movies purchased per machine, known as the “attach rate.”

Blockbuster didn’t rule out HD DVD in the long run.

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  1. Greg, Good point. The battle is far from over and many will continue to play on both sides of the fence. Interestingly, it is said that the Adult movie (aka Porn) industry can make or break a technology (This is probably what you alluded to in your post).

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