Babelgum is chewing on Internet TV

Joost, (the other Internet TV business) has company. Check out Babelgum beta, another peer-to-peer Internet TV service that is open for beta testing. The current content is limited, but there’s a good amount of professionally created niche content related to:

Like Joost, the service requires a downloaded client to view the ad-supported channels.

I tried the beta and it works pretty nice – it looks very similar to Joost. it has a really simple and sweet user interface – one should be able to figure out all the buttons in about 5 minutes. I noticed that Joost tends to download in bursts while Babelgum’s was more streaming-like. Nonetheless, both Joost and Babelgum has so far worked well with my aDSL connection.

Babelgum is offering a limited number of daily downloads. Readers of TechUntangled can use this link to download the free beta for Windows XP.

The business model is based on targetted advertising, and will split 50% of ad revenues with content producers. Babelgum is guaranteeing at least $5 for each 1000 unique views of a video till the end of 2007.

Its too early to predict whether Babelgum or Joost or another upstart will be the ultimate champion in Internet TV. I predict that whoever can sign up the most top-notch content will be the winner.

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