Skype apologizes for outage and offers 30 minutes of calling

Skype apologizes for the worldwide outage last week that had most users unable to use Skype services. Below is an email from skype CEO regarding the outage and offering 30 minutes of free calling to landline phones (note: some information in email letter has been modified to protect privacy).

Sorry for any inconvenience

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Skype Out – no really it is OUT!

skype logo The blogosphere and the twittersphere is aflame with the news that Skype has an outage, making it clear that this outage is BIG – in terms of news and in terms of the duration of outage.

With more than 500 million friends, it is not surprising that many many people notice when Skype is down. According to a Skype blog post, about two thirds (2/3) or users still cannot log in. Skype is working on activating new ‘supernodes’, but at this moment, I cannot even get to the Skype blog .

An afterlife for smartphones

Smartphones are clearly becoming a commonplace phenomenon. In the USA, smart-phones now comprise more than 20% of all cellular phones, and this number is expected to rise to more than 40% in a few years.

What’s most interesting about smartphones is that, unlike feature phones, smartphones can have a useful second life.

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